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Information You Need To Know Before Using BitHunt

Bithunt is one of the best growing faucet website where you can claim almost 30 crypto currencies for free and without investing a single penny. Bithunt have many possible ways to earn money simply like Daily Loterry, Autofaucet, Faucet, Shortlink wall, Webminer, Dice and Coin flip Games and many new things coming.

Rules You Must Follow:
1. Don't use a Proxy or VPNs.
2. Don't create multiple accounts.
3. Don't use wallet addresses from multiple FaucetHub accounts.
4. Don't click the ads if you're not intested in what they're offering.
5. Don't use ad or script blockers (AdBlock, NoScript, etc). - You will be detected.
* Your account will be automatically blocked. Please be fair.

How To Use Autofaucet:
- Go to Autofaucet Page
- Choose the coin which you would like to claim
- Choose the timer/reward which you like to receive
- Keep the page open and it will keep sending the coins to your faucethub account.

All the payments are sent within 48 hours upon request.
Faucethub payments are done within 24 hours.
Direct Wallet payments are done withing 48 hours.
Check your email after withdrawing coins like XRP/XLM
we will email you to ask about memo/tag only then we will send payout.
You must link your faucethub address and withdraw first to
faucethub to be able to receive any direct wallet withdrawals.

Account Related Issues:
If your account is locked or limited is because:
- You have broken a rule of the website
- You were caught cheating with the site
- You have been spamming the website chat.
- You have changed one of the wallet address.
If you are unsure why your account is locked please email to [email protected]

FaucetHub Coins:
These coins can only be Withdrawn to not direct wallets. And you need to withdaw one coin atleast to
Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Monero | Doge | Bitcoin Cash | Zcash | Digibyte |
Bitcore | Blackcoin | Dash | Peercoin | Primecoin | Potcoin
Direct Wallet Coins:
These coins can be withdrawn to any wallet which supports them. We prefer , ,
these 3 wallets have all the coins which we are providing. XRP, XLM needs memo/tag which we will email to ask for once you do withdrawal.
Reddcoin | Pinkcoin | Verge | Electroneum | Ripple | Tron | Waves | Goldcoin | Syscoin | Neo | Stellar | PIVX |
Groestlcoin | BitcoinSV | Ubiq | Cardano